Colour, Design, Trends – 2017, what’s happening

We all need to use some imagery in what we put out there to promote what we do, what we sell, what we provide. Using a resonant colour in that, not only for our logo but across the board, helps the whole process along. It adds its own message subtly.

Boost brands, influence behaviour and convince your clients.

Source: The designer’s guide to using colour in branding | Creative Bloq

This month the focus is on design elements. Many recent trends have involved user patterns, color or typography, but here it’s all about subtle techniques. Essential trends to take note of include downpage navigation, boxes as a design element and plenty of vertical lines and movement. Here’s what’s trending in design this month: 1. Downpage Navigation Designers seem to be in quite the experimental phase when it comes to navigation these days. From vertical, side navigation options to pop-out styles to downpage styles, menu items are kind of all over the place. While downpage navigation used to be a distinct no-no, it can grow on you. And as more designers opt for this user pattern, it will become more generally accepted. Here’s a word of caution: If you opt for downpage navigation, keep a close eye on website analytics to ensure that your visitors understand the pattern and are continuing to click. This technique might not work for all audiences. So how do you make it work? The best

Source: 3 Essential Design Trends, July 2017 | Webdesigner Depot

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Pandora has done it again – opening up that box and letting all sorts fly free, well nearly free, here is a range of abstract illustrations useful for backgrounds and a whole lot more. Take a look and

Source: pandoras abstracts | f4mmedia –

yes! pandora has opened her box and allowed out not quite the chaoos you might expect but some varying patterns for your use, she is mellowing in her old age, take advantage and see what she has to of

Source: pandoras patterns | f4mmedia –





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