Design, Re-Fashioning of your Brand

We have talked somewhat about giving your brand a bit of a makeover given the change in seasons. Admittedly it is not just about the move on through spring and towards summer and has as much to do with changing trends in design and branding. Here are some new ideas for you …

Ghost buttons are amazing UI elements that have been increasing in popularity over the years. Get inspired by these examples!

Source: Ghost Buttons: 20 Awesome Examples of an Emerging Web Design Trend

It is always a useful thing for any brand – to have new life and a new look breathed in every once in a while.

Are you in the process of creating a new website for your business? Want to know the modern trends you and your designer should consider?

Source: 6 Modern Trends to Consider When Creating a New Website [Infographic] – Red Website Design Blog

We can help with all of this, why not give us a shout and see how we can help?

We will create for you, from stock royalty free photos, 10 marketing illustrations, adding your logo, if you wish, and adding a tagline. All of this designed to promote your business, your event, creation, performance, product or service. We will use photos within our own stock at the time of order

Source: Creative marketing illustration – 10 pieces | Zeerk


Source: Blogarama – #1 Blog directory

… and here are some resources to help along the way –

Source: design bundle 1

Premium free design available each week exclusively from Design Bundles Grab your free designs for a limited time only.

Source: Free Design of the Week | Design Bundles

The Clipick Design Bundle is here! Save 92% off the RRP with this fantastic bundle of fonts and designs. Perfect for planners, crafters and designers

Source: The Clipick Design Bundle | Design Bundles












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