Visual Content – Design and its Power

I think we all know by now that using just words is not enought these days. You have to add graphics, illustration, perhaps video to add greater impact and interest to your message. These visual elements can add a reinforcing note or a contrasting note, it all depends on the way you are doing things. We can help with all of this if you need it – don’t worry we are cheap, ask anyone we know, especially the girlfriends, wives etc.

Style is important – colour, typography, photos or graphics – think about the message, the target audience, the product or service – what will work best, have the greatest impact, what will say more! For some ideas take a look at f4mmedia on slideshare, our Elements ebooks have a pile of design ideas

Are you still ignoring the calls to add visual content to your marketing strategy? Need some convincing about the power visuals hold over your target customers?

Source: Don’t Get Left Behind: Stats to Show the Rising Power of Visual Content [Infographic] – Red Website Design Blog

If you are a designer trying to figure out how to get the information noticed in an infographic, you should check out these animated infographics!

Source: 20 Awesome Animated Infographics with Interactive Designs


Source: f4mmedia – Payhip


Source: Blogarama – #1 Blog directory

Pandora has done it again – opening up that box and letting all sorts fly free, well nearly free, here is a range of abstract illustrations useful for backgrounds and a whole lot more. Take a look and

Source: pandoras abstracts | f4mmedia –

We will create for you, from stock royalty free photos, 10 marketing illustrations, adding your logo, if you wish, and adding a tagline. All of this designed to promote your business, your event, creation, performance, product or service. We will use photos within our own stock at the time of order

Source: Creative marketing illustration – 10 pieces | Zeerk











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