The Makeover continues – Social Media, Design …

It continues … here we move on with the idea of a seasonal makeover adding not only a few design ideas but also some social media facts centring on Instagram, as well as providing links to a few resources that may be of interest. In the same way that design has a tendency to change here and there as tastes and ideas develope – it is always nice to see something new, we can get somewhat tired of the same things year in year out, so social media has moved on as tastes and the capabilities of the internet and the tools to hand have grown and developed. Take a look …

2017 has started off by slowly drifting away from the stoic design trends of minimalism, monochromatic layouts, and the omnipresent flat design. Instead, there are bright colors, bold shapes, playful gradients, and unique illustrations that bring some much needed depth and dynamics to designs that have grown all too familiar.

Source: Eight Design Trends Taking Over 2017 – The Media Temple Blog

Instagram has changed the way we share photos on social media.Check out these Instagram facts to see if you want to add Instagram to your marketing strategy

Source: Instagram Facts You Should Know [Infographic]

The Little Font Bundle Volume II is here! Little on price, these 10 premium commercial licensed fonts are full of extras and big on character. Save $123!

Source: The Little Font Bundle Volume 2






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