Social Media – a few ideas

Even the small business can make use of social media to aid in their promotion and marketing. Indeed, facebook pages and groups are often ideal for many small outfits, artists, craftspeople and the like. There is the added advantage in that customer relations can work out far more direct and personalised, less a case of the corporate wall before current or prospective clients or customers. Tumblr is often useful for the more arty of businesses and producers but other businesses can find real value there. Any business that can use pictures/images – of their products, people enjoying the services offered, the results of work done – all such can find a use for Instagram and Pinterest. Any business can manage to find a use for promotional video, hence Youtube and following on from that, facebook, twitter etc. can all be used for business purposes.

Do you use social media as a platform to market your business? Want to stay up to date with the key changes that could affect how you run your business?

Source: Social Media in the News: The Changes That Will Affect You in 2017 [Infographic] – Red Website Design Blog

Want to know exactly how to use Google AdWords to advertise your business? Follow this proven formula for AdWords success to get to the top of the class!

Source: How to Use Google AdWords [Infographic] | WordStream

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Source: f4mmedia Sheffield small business marketing, content creation, design

It’s all about geometry. The trend is design right now centers around interesting shapes and layers that combine to create stunning visuals. While there have been periods where squares or circles were the shape of choice, that has shifted to more interesting asymmetrical shapes, lesser used elements such as diamonds and layering of shapes of all kids. Here’s what’s trending in design this month: 1. Diamonds The simple diamond shape that you drew in elementary school is popping up in plenty of designs. From use as a container for photos to an outline for visual emphasis to the dominant part of a photograph, the shape has plenty of flexibility. And it simple. This style is no more than a square turned on its side. The sharp lines make for interesting reference points in the design and can add an element of motion or direction that doesn’t exist otherwise. The diamond stands out in these designs because it is so different. While the shape can be used in a number of ways, it can be

Source: Essential Design Trends, April 2017 | Webdesigner Depot

Looking for in-depth resources to help improve your social strategy? Here are 22 to consider.

Source: 22 Social Media Resources for a Stunning Social Strategy | Social Media Today









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