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Putting yourself and your business out there for all to see, but particularly those you are hoping to become clients or customers is quite a thing. A lot of small and new businesses do it badly. Having a clear idea of what will catch the eyes of people is distinctly useful. Having the resources to create such is a must. Here are a few ideas and some resources to help with it all. We begin with some watercolour based styles – something that has come to the fore recently and is really a boon for many businesses, particularly those with an arty or crafts feel, also those pointing towards the home and the smiling family life. Then we some ideas to help with your typography, your social media postings and then some of my own bundles, photo based, illustrations and video.

Watercolour resources.

Source: Affiliates | FontBundles.net

A design bundle packed with goodies

Source: Affiliates | FontBundles.net

We are going to have a look at some of the fonts that will become mainstream in 2017 and that can help you to create an interface that stands out.

Source: 10 Fonts to Follow in 2017 – Designmodo

Source: post-times.jpg (JPEG Image, 1500 × 2875 pixels) – Scaled (21%)

Source: F4mmedia on PeoplePerHour.com


Source: Blogarama – #1 Blog directory

Source: Other City

Source: Odd Abstracted

a series of abstract animations of blobs and similar objects in motion, evolving against black or white backgrounds

Source: transforming blobs Stock Animations | C-8714660

phone – 08432895485




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Source: f4mmedia Sheffield small business marketing, content creation, design











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