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Gain powerful insights from your customers for your content marketing without the power of tech. Instead, start talking – Content Marketing Institute

Source: Need Engaging, Authentic Content? Unleash the Power of Conversations

Whenever we take on a new client we follow fairly usual steps – finding out what the client and their business are all about, imagining the sorts of styles and approach that fits well with them, then looking again at all such with a view to what they are looking to do over the next span of time, what they are introducing product or service wise, what they are putting on offer. Key to so much is the mindset of those you are trying to reach. For example there are styles of lightish humour that work well with some groups of people…

  • Des Bate, the greatest thing since sliced bread, well not really, but he does try hard, he does walk on water though, but only when it is 30 below …

Yes, it’s daft but there is either a faint smile or something of a groan hopefully accompanied by a ‘go on then, what are you going to say next…’ There is a reason why the christmas cracker has its appeal…

Similarly the style of design, colour and typography works differently with different groups of people. There is a psychology to it all. Sit and think well before you take the plunge … we are here to help. Here are a few more things to help you in your process and a few resources to boot –

Here are some key tips to help you get more out of Facebook in 2017.

Source: 10 Facebook Marketing Tips for 2017 | Social Media Today

We gathered here an excellent collection of 20 best script fonts you’ll definitely want to use in your current or upcoming projects.

Source: 20 Best Script Fonts For Designers


Source: Blogarama – #1 Blog directory







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