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Happy New Year!

When it comes to the marketing for your business, your product, serivce, event you can take a thoroughly direct approach – simply state what is what and be damned! Fire those cannons and await a return. Then again you can also take a gentler approach. Setting a scene, providing a background, allowing people to relax into the message you gradually elaborate. In a similar way, your approach can be that big business, boardroom aired and generated, put together still with the feel of the glass windows of the office giving a wide view of the city skyline. A major tagline of F4mmedia is – the cornershop of content creation – there is an approach that has all of that convenience, it has the friendly tones of the local shopkeeper who knows you well, it is a little more informal. It may not have the grand packaging of the big business etc. but it is more comfortable and looks to make it easier to acquire.

Content Marketing Institute’s latest research reveals what the most committed UK marketers do differently, but lessons work for marketers worldwide.

Source: Committed to Content Marketing? Prioritize the Right Things [New UK Research]

Giving your marketing, your branding structure is certainly important. It allows you not only to take aim, rather than just throwing buckshot wildly into the air and seeing what you might hit, if you might hit something. It gives you the chance to tailor your efforts so that you are not wasting time, giving your efforts direction. It allows you to take stock of the whole terrain and your ROI. That structure also tends to mean that you are not rushing what you are doing, giving your efforts chance to take hold, to make themselves noticed in the whole terrain in which you operate.

Predictions for the biggest new things in design, and DIY examples to stay ahead of the the trends.

Source: We asked 16 designers about the next big trends in design

Enterprises need to embrace the lens of design thinking to innovate their legacy products & to transform the lives of their customers & employees.

Source: How Design Thinking Will Revolutionize Enterprises in 2017

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Source: Blogarama – #1 Blog directory

yes! we can all find a use for wood here and there – here is a range of textures, patterns -.png, .pat, .eps, .jpg – great for any project needing colour and texture, that natural feel but with a litt

Source: new wood old wood for free | f4mmedia –

small business owner creating content, graphics, marketing, also dj, vj and more

Source: des bate (@f4mmedia) • Instagram photos and videos

Type design Nina Stössinger details the three steps you should follow to find the best font.

Source: How to choose the perfect typeface, by Frere-Jones’ Nina Stössinger – News – Digital Arts















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