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14 experts share how content marketing can help B2B firms strengthen the value of their brands – Content Marketing Institute

Source: How to Use Content Marketing to Enhance Brand Perception

Content marketing isn’t nearly as important as doing content marketing correctly, and knowing that it ultimately comes down to the audience and how well they’re

Source: 5 Content Marketing Myths To Correct Now | Search Engine Watch

If there is one basic watchword to use in terms of content marketing is this;

  • make your content resonate with your target audience
  • tailor it to suit

There are all sorts of styles you can adopt:

  • gentle humour
  • vibrant straight-talk, the big bang
  • scene setting

These are just a few ideas. The first things you need to do are to analyze who your targets are, your target audience and your potential buyers. What age range are they in? What income bracket are they in? Gender? Tastes? Interests? Are they pub types, fine dining restaurant types, football terrace types, day out with the kids in the park, drive to the seaside, ski in Switzerland? All of these qualifying questions and the full range of similar will help identify what your targets will react to in a positive manner. The you need to deliver it – through channels your targets will use, at the time they are likely to be usiing those channels and in a way that will catch their eyes and make them remember it all and you.

When you have built a characterisation of your targets, then you can start to build, to create something that becomes a branding and mrketing stream. You build by fitting one to the other, but do it creatively.




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