Content Marketing – styles, copy, design … 1

This is definitively a digital world in which we live. Much of this globe has its lives centred around what is and is not presented via the web. Business is no different and so even for the small business having an online presence is a must. How that presence is cast is something else. It is not just about making a bland or bald statement of what your business is about – it is so much more. We have to put out there all of the basics – contact details, places, opening times, what is sold, what services are offered etc. On top of all of that we have to do it in a way that catches the eye, intrigues the mind, makes it all interesting to potential customers or clients. This means doing all sorts of things:

  • adding suitable imagery, photographic or graphic,
  • saying the right thing, in other words presenting the right copy, having the right taglines
  • perhaps adding video, styled in a particular way, coloured, styled well with good audio
  • it may mean doing it via audio itself, a podcast or such
  • choosing the right channels to present it all.

What we have to sort out along the way is how we present things – what sort of style we are going to use.

… and here are a few things just to get you started …

Content marketing is an effective way to reach your target audience by offering relevant content that addresses their needs. Here are some tips to success.

Source: The Do’s and Dont’s of Content Marketing [Infographic]





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