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I am currently attempting to help a recent startup business with their establishing a branding, marketing and promotional set of efforts. Key within this are questions of design, content and social media channels.

This is so much an online world. That being so for any business even the smallest it is a virtual necessity to have some sort of online presence. The big questions, though, are the where, the what, the when, the how often, and all such! All of it depends who you are trying to reach and what you want to say to them. Who is who needs content at 8am, midday, midnight, 4pm, 6pm, 7.30pm? Who is just looking at the pictures, or the daft video, who needs something substantially informative to react, who just needs that clever tagline? Oddly enough F4mmedia can help with all of that – even if it is just offering advice! We are here to help and hopefully this blog does some of that and points you towards a whole raft of resources to help.

Our compilation of the latest social media statistics of consumer adoption and usage Social networks are now so well established, that there are now a core. Marketing topic(s):Social media strategy. Advice by Dave Chaffey.

Source: Global Social Media Statistics Summary 2016

The social media channels used depend upon a number of different factors:

  • age
  • location
  • interest
  • social grouping

Think about who it is that falls not only within your customer base but who you want to attract! The sort the message, the form of delivery – text, graphic/illustration, video, audio – the channel, the time and all of the other variables that might affect uptake.

As technology and marketing evolve, the job of the content marketer does as well. Today’s professional needs these 4 key skills/traits.

Source: The Skills Today’s Content Marketer Needs – Marketo

Explore the updated History of Content Marketing infographic to gain insight from the past – Content Marketing Institute

Source: The History of Content Marketing [Updated Infographic]

Discover 31 types of content that your audience doesn’t tire of, always has time for, and wants to share with others – Content Marketing Institute

Source: 31 Types of Content We Crave [Infographic]

Source: P-Typography_Zoom.jpg (JPEG Image, 2658 × 2000 pixels) – Scaled (30%)

I have worked on 2 continents in a variety of posts, industrial, commercial and more. I now create video, music, marketing materials as well as perform visually

Source: f4mmedia (f4mmedia) –


Source: Blogarama – #1 Blog directory

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