Branding, What, How and Why?

What is branding? It’s not just a logo. Or a name. A brand is only not a trademark, symbol or jingle. So what is it, and why is branding important?

Source: What Is Branding, and Why Is Branding Important?

So much has been said about branding over the past few decades. Thinking of it in a simple way, it is the entirety of how people see, hear, experience and think of you and your products, services, your business as a whole. Every time you put something out there in the name of you, your business, your products/services it adds to your brand – even if it detracts from it! (Think about it.)

How you style something, what you say, the typography, the design, the colour scheme, all of it has an input. The channels you use, the content itself, its form is all important.

As a designer, you enjoy letting the creativity flow through your designs, however working with brand standards creates certain road blocks on the way.

Source: Being Creative and Working With a Specific Brand – HeyDesign Magazine

This is a visual guide (infographic ) to designing the perfect food product label that aims to make the whole thing as simple as possible.

Source: A Visual Guide to Designing the Perfect Food Label (Infographic) – GraphicsFuel

Yes – the labels say a lot too! All of your design and packaging does.

Make stunning visuals in seconds with assistance from AI technology. No coding, no templates. Mix content and gain visibility.

Source: Tylio – f4mmedia


Source: Blogarama – #1 Blog directory

  • and to aid your design work on, take a look …

I have worked on 2 continents in a variety of posts, industrial, commercial and more. I now create video, music, marketing materials as well as perform visually

Source: f4mmedia (f4mmedia) –


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