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As always design styles do not stand still. It is now more important than ever for small businesses to carefully present themselves in the market. Their content, their messages, the style of design they put in front of the rest of the world is more important than ever because more effort is being made by other businesses. It is also the case that the general public are far more discerning about what they see, hear and read.

colour2 comm coverv4e1 empty

Tunnel and parked cars. Perfect for transportation website landing page photo or automotive advertisement. Keywords: concrete;open;concepts and ideas;pedestrian;entrance;leaving;bright;black and white;depression;city life;lightweight;grunge;urban scene;urban road;subway station;road;light;underground;corridor;old;tunnel;dark

peoriasans styled Untitled wc3

So much of the above is very clean and straightforward in its design and its messaging. You will also see a couple of pieces of watercolour design –  a far more homely, crafted style of design, especially when it is combined with brush calligraphic fonts – those having that handwritten but casual and close to erratic qualities. Ask yourself what do you want to say and who are you saying it to – then ask what do such people react to – you can then start to frame the style best fitted to your business.

more patterns for your use – well coloured, with a hint of grafitti- urban but not too extreme

Source: graf pattern bundle | f4mmedia –

DESCRIPTION Create your own scenes: branding, header & hero image, flat lay (knolling). Save lot of time and money as you can create

Source: Scene creator [Top view] ~ Product Mockups on Creative Market


Source: Blogarama – #1 Blog directory


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