Small business week – 1 – Social Media and Marketing [Infographic]

Even a small business can benefit from an online presence – the major choices though are whether to be website centric, even if it is just a case of making easily available your contact details and basic information about your business, its services, products etc. – or social media centric, offering up basic content, business messaging and general customer relations – or doing both. Whatver the choices are that you make, you need to do it right, making your efforts count.

The content you provide makes the difference, be it via a website or via social media. That content also needs to be put out there at the right time and have the right look and feel so that it reflects well on your business.

Here are the ad specs and sizes for ads in Facebook and Instagram.

Source: [Infographic] Ad Specs for Facebook and Instagram – Tabsite Blog

24hours_of_youtube_lgHere are some fun facts about what happens on YouTube in a typical day. You’ll be amazed at all the activity that goes on on YouTube.

Source: 24 Hours of YouTube [Infographic] – Tabsite Blog

… and if you want video and more creating for your small business –

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Source: f4mmedia Sheffield small business marketing, content creation, design

During Small Business week we hope to bring you a few ideas to get you thinking. We hope that we will offer one or two suggestions that may help in the whole process of putting your business forwards and offer up useful bits and pieces of resources that will help you along the way. Please share, take a look, enjoy …


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