Watercolour week – 3 – fonts, backgrounds, actions, more – Resources

watercweek2a In all of this there is a lot to see. Designing for your projects can be quite a task, especially given the rate at which design styles change. Getting just the right look for what you are trying to do and to present can be hard work. Watercolours give a sense of freshness, springtime, arts, crafts, the home, the kitchen or living room table where mum and kids are hard at work, or perhaps you are taking a moment just to play away with some brushes, their is that hobbyist feel as well. With the typography to boot, you get a feel of the casual, handwritten, with just a dash of the erratic but in a comforted manner, ink and brush, pen and marker. These fonts can be added to all sorts of scenes – generated scenes of a desk, a table at home, a workstation without the office background, something floral, countryside, fun, gentle fun – and a variety of textures – watercolour itself, papers with different feels, wood and more …callig1

There is a lot for you to look at here – we can only hope that these resources will give you some good ideas for what you have ahead. Have a good look round – and there is still more to come …

This is a taster set of floral and nature watercolor clipart prepared by the Corner Croft, painted by the watercolor […]

Source: Corner Croft Clipart – Free Design Resources

Achieve Amazing Watercolour Effects in Your Design Work With Ease! We’re so excited to introduce our totally massive watercolour pack, which

Source: Complete Watercolour Design Toolkit ~ Graphics on Creative Market

Spring vibe is still here right? let’s have some of this Watercolor flower elements for free! with different types of flowers […]

Source: 18 Free Watercolor Flower Elements – Free Design Resources

VIDEO DEMONSTRATION/INSTRUCTION HERE: — I have tested the actions only in Photoshop CC, I am not sure if they work on CS6. but the layer

Source: Text To Watercolour Actions ~ Actions on Creative Market

We know that you’ve been waiting for a long time to something like this; a collection of 30 best script fonts bundled together at affordable price.

Source: 30 Superb Script Fonts Bundle Only $29 – with Extended License | Pixelo

Source: New Fonts this week from Font Bundles.net

Due to popular request, and because I’m feeling the love…this product will remain discounted at $40 for you all 🙂 $200 worth of BRAND NEW

Source: The Mammoth! Watercolour Kit ~ Display Fonts on Creative Market

Hello, I present Bundle Watercolour Flowers. Ideal watercolour elements for invitations, wedding invitations, handmade craft items, scrap

Source: Bundle Watercolour Flowers ~ Illustrations on Creative Market


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