Watercolour Week – fonts, inspiration, freebies


Here we bring you ‘Watercolour week’ – ideas, offers, resources, bundles – take a look, pick through and find what you need …


 get Sandy font here

Here we see glorious examples of new trends in typography and design. Just a short while ago we were using the then trend of handwritten marker style fonts. These gave a comfortable and comforting design style to the content created. Here we see another move on into styles that are more calligraphic but still with that sense of ease, homeliness and confort. You have that ever presence here of the kithcen table, mum helping the kids with their hobbies or schoolwork. Then again there is that sense of the home crafted, homemade – all that is welcoming, a touch of nostalgia perhaps.


get the Calligraphy font bundle here

There is the obvious shown above, the brush, art made in your own environment. It certainly adds some distinction to a brand, or any project. These fonts are often combined with watercolour decorative elements, something drawn, or something floral – see below.


get the Spring fonts bundle here


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