Professional Cleaning


Cleaning can always be thought of as just the tiresome drudgery you have to go through in any working day, or depending on the business, that task at the very end that finishes off all of the effort put in. Companies offering these services take that burden off you – which is great. But there is more to the story:

– having the right materials for the job is one thing

– having the right staff, suitably supplied and then trained for all of the tasks that can be so much more than just pushing a broom, wiping down surfaces, is another

– then having a background of support adds to the whole service, having suitable transport to get people to the job, backups in case of emergencies, but importantly a training programme that gives order to the whole process is one thing often ignored.

It may seem like nothing but there are all sorts of pieces of legislation and also licences and permissions that are in place for good reasons. Having a job done right often means just a little bit more than an available broom, vacuum, cloth and cleaning fluid.


Acclaim H&S Accreditation:

Acclaim Accreditation is a health and safety assessment scheme provided by Capita. Acclaim Accreditation is a member of Safety Schemes in Procurement (SSIP), which means S3e Ltd can reassure their clients that they’ve met and maintain their health and safety requirements.



Safety Schemes in Procurement (SSIP) is an umbrella body for Health & Safety accreditations and gives confidence to clients that S3e Ltd has been successfully assessed to the CDM Regulations 2015 and the SSIP Health & Safety core criteria.


PAS91:2013 Approval

The British Standards Institute (BSI) was commissioned by the UK Government to develop a common minimum standard for contract procurement and from this PAS91 was developed; PAS91 is a standardised pre-qualification questionnaire. S3e Ltd has been approved for PAS91 by Constructionline, part of Capita PLC, which gives all our potential clients the ability to view the credentials of our company online via the Constructionline website. From 2016, all public sector buyers will mandate the use of PAS 91.


Supply Chain Sustainability School (SCSS) Silver Badge holders.

In 2009 approximately 43% of the UK’s carbon emissions come from buildings. In addition poor waste management and inefficient use of resources can result in sustainability impacts; they are also of course where we all work, live and play. As part osf a group of industry sectors involved in building and maintaining these assets S3e Ltd needs to embrace the sustainability agenda; The desire for a greener, ethical and more sustainable supply chain is greater than ever and SCSS represents a common approach to developing sustainability competence in the supply chain.


These are just a few pieces of the armoury that S3e ltd brings to the tasks at hand. On top of this there are more elements being worked on at the moment. We hope we can bring you more exciting news very soon. It may seem strange but the world of cleaning has its depths, its intricacies.


a deeper background

better skills

more permissions

broader service

S3e ltd offers:

– convenience

– capacity

– services

– approachability

– simplicity

– professional ability

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A Sheffield based cleaning and Facilities management company

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Professional Cleaning – Facilities Management – Janitorial Supplies

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