Website Trends

8 Website Trends That Are Ruling The World of Web Design.

Flat Design vs Minimalism : Which One to Choose? |

Web design continues to move on. The changes we see as time passes – sometimes it is just a case of appearance, chnges in the graphic style of websites – sometimes, courtesy of changes at the level of code and operating systems, we see deeper changes, responsive capabilities, embedded video, scrolling changes and more.

Mastering HTML5 video | Alex’s Blog.

40 Web Design Blogs To Follow In 2015 | Elegant Themes Blog.

Some of the things that are always useful are having suitable resources to hand – it might be the case that they may not seem the right thing at that very moment but then, if they are not readily there you can’t make use.

free downloads « colours heard.

design « colours heard.

stock images, textures, backgrounds and more « colours heard.

Graphic Design – materials, resources, ideas, more… « colours heard.

10 great websites to find free stock photo.

f4mmedia Stock Footage | Royalty Free, Instantly Downloadable | MotionElements.

snakeskin | 10.8MB .RAR file –

arty blurs | 10.7MB .RAR file –

polygonal backs | 191.3MB .RAR file –

polygonal blur | 30.2MB .RAR file –


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