Starting the new campaign

Every business needs to push through with a new campaign every once in a while. Keeping yourself in the eyes of your potential client or customer base is a must. So, the questions are :

  • which channels are you going to use
  • what sort of story are you going to tell
  • what sort of content will be best to send the message and make it attractive
  • is there something new you need to say or is it a case of underlining who and what you already are
  • what style and design format is best for it all?


Discover the 9 most frequently asked questions about content marketing. If you’re curious about content marketing, you should start here to find answers.

Source: 9 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Content Marketing







Here are some new possible beginnings for a cleaning company. Is this right? the right approach? the right styling for a small, local company providing a range of cleaning services?

Source: What’s the right frequency for email marketing? » ClickZ UK

Social media is a diverse marketing channel and it’s difficult for managers to remember everything. That’s why we created this social media checklist.

Source: Your Own Checkable Social Media Checklist | Sprout Social

Come up with great slogan ideas for you business with our free slogan generator. Capture more customers with a great brand recall.

Source: Slogan Maker – Business Slogan & Tagline Generator

Studying the psychology of color is crucial for maximizing your site’s web design. Using the right colors can help compels your customers to take action.

Source: Psychology Of Color To Improve Site Conversion

The Ultimate Content Marketing Glossary.

64 Tactics to Drive Traffic to Your Blog – Jeffbullas’s Blog.


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