Stock Video Footage, uses, resources

It can be surprising just what footage you can make use of. Many pieces of video may seem to be without any real quality and yet makes a very good backdrop to something else going on in the final production. You can add gentle and quieter moods with all sorts of footage.

Reflections involving water and water features, mainly taken in the north of England, typically Sheffield

Source: Water reflected Stock Video Footages | C-8005

flowing water involved in architectural and other features of a city, often Sheffield

Source: City flow Stock Video Footages | C-8003a-0250 a-0528

Various images of Sheffield – Yorkshire, North of England, water and decorative features

Source: Sheffield city Stock Video Footages | C-8004

animated polygonal backgrounds – a current trend supplied with new abstract video backgrounds – animated shapes – overlay your text, logos, use for screen in screen

Source: polygonal backs | f4mmedia –

North of England video featuring water

Source: northern water Stock Video Footages | C-8002

Source: gt abstracts 2 by f4mmedia on DeviantArt

well why not eh?

Source: geometric nuts a by f4mmedia on DeviantArt

colourful abstract backgrounds using snakeskin

Source: snakeskin Stock Video Footages | C-7688

well coloured animated backgrounds featuring blurs and polygons combined

Source: blur and polygons Collection | C-7690

a series of animated backgrounds using basic shapes, a 3d effect, movement and colour

Source: basic shapes Stock Animations | C-7691

a basic animation collection useful for vj loops, overlays, added movement, combination effects

Source: hair glide Stock Animations | C-7824


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