Print and digital – design for the small business

The Importance of Print Design for the Internet Age.

For any small business it is often the case that major online campaigns are not an option. Certainly a simple or basic website may be on the table but print remains something they can use:

– shop or office posters

9 Clever Visual Tricks Behind Iconic Poster Designs | WIRED.

– brochures available to pick up in the office, retail outlet, through the letterbox etc, see the post concerning the ‘souvenir principle’

The souvenir principle – marketing | f4mmedia.

If print is a major idea for you then perhaps you could think about expanding it and create brochures and catalogues available online or via e-mail campaigns. Digital print design – creating e-books or e-zines are of real use, real advantage for even a small business.

rising setting. – check out my very own e-zine.

You can also have a look at my e-books via slideshare and scribd:

My presentations.

Futurhood Av on Scribd | Scribd.

Using such tools as InDesign gives you the option to easily create for either option – print or online distribution. But with all of this you do need to pay serious attention to your design.

The 10 Commandments Of Typography – Airows.



The 5 Steps to Visual Branding ~ Creative Market Blog.

Colour is another area of real importance. Colour speaks to your intended meaning, emotion and a whole raft of psychological pointers.

20 Best Color Tools For Web Designers.

How do colors affect purchases? Infographic.

04e5e8029e923d50e3ae4efffd9de585 7bc9b25c2f45d0e604fa7e991076e602

Sit and think – which colour speaks to you in the way you want to speak to your hoped for clients or customers.

Packaging Plays and Important Role | Desizn World.

The Crazy Evolution of Major Brand Logos | Desizn World.

Social Networking in the 1600s –


Here are some of the materials I have produced for you to use – or just ask me …

f4mmedia (f4mmedia) –

Free Texture Packs for Webdesign | The DesignPin Blog.

GraphicsFuel | Premium & Free Graphic & Web Design Resources! – 10 Web Design Trends For 2015.




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