Design trends 2015, colour, print and more

Print still has its uses. The flyer or the brochure you take away for later. That paper or card in your hand can remind you of something you have forgotten, if it can do it for you then it can for your potential clients and customers. The business card reminds you who you need to ring. Yours gives the hand you just shook some numbers to punch a little later.

93 Outstanding Rack Card Design Examples for 2015.

Top Brochure Designs | How To Make Your Brochures Into ….

It is useful if you can make current trends in graphic and web design work for you. Something new in your business – add something new on the design side of things. If you have a serious offer being made – use it as a lead in to a new styling.

big picture

Picking the Perfect Colors for Your Brand.

Colour is one of the basics, one of the foundations of both the branding process, the result, of course, being a fully designed and articulated brand, with a suitable setting.

Colour has its psychology but it also has its fashions. As with all such things, these can be followed, used to inform, or simply ignored. Take a moment and think it over!

balearic breeze1

TypeTalk: Trending Fonts |

You need to make your font/s work for you. The choices you make in terms of typography send their own message. They say something as important as what is written – what you say, how you say it, the shape of it all, the detail.

f4mmedia (f4mmedia) –

radials | 3.4MB .RAR file –

Finding suitable materials saves time. Take a look at what we offer via Sellfy. There is a variety of materials on offer – some free.

15 Graphic Design Trends for 2015 | Creative Drum | UK.

Infographic: Continuing and New Design Trends in 2015.

Graphic Trends for 2015 | Blog.

What to Expect in 2015 from WordPress Themes.

Design Trends of the World – USA | Conceptstore Design Studio.

35 Funny Ads and Print Advertisements for your inspiration.

TypeTalk: Trending Fonts |

f4mmedia Stock Footage | Royalty Free, Instantly Downloadable | MotionElements.

snakeskin | 10.8MB .RAR file –

arty blurs | 10.7MB .RAR file –

blurs proper | 4.4MB .RAR file –

polygon variety | 29.3MB .RAR file –


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