Social Video Trends in 2015?

What are the Top 6 Social Video Trends for Brands in 2015?.

300 Hours of Video Uploaded to YouTube Every Minute Means for Advertisers.

Is traditional marketing dead? | dotRising.

Video moves on … it is taking more and more of centre stage when it comes to business promotion and advertising. As a marketing tool it has the capacity to do so much more than other more traditional forms of marketing. It is just a surprise that more small businesses do not use this tool. Even small local businesses have the chance, surely there must be other companies around and about similar to f4mmedia – based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire – able to help those local to them. With the internet and its capacity to transfer information, to communicate over long distances you could still call us. But still …

Video gives you a chance to add more and more depth both to your branding and to your marketing generally. Video allows a clear means of using all of the usual areas of design and illustration – palette, typography, message and more – it provides a way to add a broad and deep exposition of emotion giving your branding a greater personality.

Video can be used easily on your own website, via your own and others social media channels. It gives you reach thanks to the current trends in social media use and sharing.


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