Video Tips for Company promos

There are so many ways you can approach video for your business. There are a huge number of styles you can employ. Choose a style that fits your brand, fits your message and appeals to your target audience. Think of a continuous line from your logo, to your website, to your graphic content, to your promo videos.

A lot of use is being made of a number of visual styles in website design, graphic design for business and in videos:

– minimal, still being made use of

– geometrics and polygonal backgrounds and textures

– flat design with a hefty use of icons and a bold use of colour.

Threads of these stylistic variations can be used in video. Of course, such basic forms as a direct statement to camera remains as a useful option for many businesses. Also what we may refer to as ‘big picture’, using a scene with particular characters and a suitable setting, added voiceover, soundtrack and text, perhaps as a lower third, is of great use.

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