S3e Ltd – cleaning with real social impact

There are all sorts of basics in business. Behind the scenes there are a multitude of services and support that help, services and support making things possible, easy. For example, clean offices, shops, houses and flats for showing, to let or to sell, are things often just taken for granted.

clean bright 2a clean professional   professional caring

Finding the right services in support of your business can be a task. Here are a few bonuses:
– a friendly and approachable company, not run of the mill, impersonal, all just plain business and no personality
– priced on square footage and tasks rather than time
– the company helps to employ local people thus supporting the community
– there is a direct link between the company and the charity Belong, contract work directly aids people with learning difficulties
– the company is still on top of all of this thoroughly professional, providing top notch services and full support.


The company is S3E ltd – a local cleaning company providing cleaning and related support services to companies, authorities and domestic customers.

S3E Ltd.

donthaveto3S3e ltd. – facebook page, please like us


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