Polygon Graphics – the rise and use of …

We have recently seen quite a rise in the use of polygonal graphics as textures, backgrounds and forms of ornament in web design, graphics and particularly for mobile phones.

10+ High Quality Polygon Background Packs For Free Download | 365 Web Resources.

Polygon Graphics – What They Are, Examples and Tutorials.

You can add a polygonal texture to other graphics, photos, illustrations – they add a particular quality, something new but pointing back to the easier and more comfortably simple.

f4mmedia big pic poly1 f4mmedia big pic poly2 f4mmedia mobile poly


Using the backgrounds on their own provides something simple and straightforward in terms of design. It adds but is in no way overpowering.

poly grpahic f4mmedia 1

Check out the links to a whole raft of freebies – there are a lot more out there.

poly grpahic f4mmedia 2

The Rise of Low Poly Web Design – 11 of the Best Examples – DesignRope.

10 Examples of Polygon Website Design.

Polygonal Art in Web Design – Designmodo.

20 Free High-Res Geometric Polygon Backgrounds.

Vector Polygonal Background in Illustrator | Abduzeedo Design Inspiration.

poly typography 2

poly typography 3

poly typography


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