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Web Design Trends To Look Out For In 2015 | Elegant Themes Blog.

Flat Design vs Minimalism : Which One to Choose? |

8-Point Checklist To Make Your Website Design User-Centered.

– some blurred backgrounds for you …

beyond blur1 blur6b blurs n mo (0-00-12-23) blurs n mo (0-00-13-12) blurs n mo (0-00-14-08) blurs n mo (0-12-10)

25 Wonderful Websites with Blurred Backgrounds.

  • There are still uses to be made of blurred backgrounds.
  • flat design is still being used, sometimes using a certain amount of big picture backgrounds
  • minimalism is still there
  • the vintage/retro styling is being used, for graphic effect, giving an historic depth, intimating towards a richness of background and experience

Color Theory: How Color Works – Design Crawl.

use the tools f4mmedia

– still a great use made of retro or vintage styled pieces …

and then vectorised bits and pieces …

ana dequate message

vectored statement



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