Case study 4 – social media channels

[the case study notes continue …

Case study 1 – building or creating – websites for your local business | f4mmedia.

Case study 2 – small local business | f4mmedia.

As I told my friend time spent currently on social media, even as a business owner, can be significant. The best known of the social media channels may be essentially the places where the consumer spends time – facebook, twitter, pinterest, instagram, youtube, but there are clear reasons for businesses to be present as well. Indeed – youtube has countless videos essentially where businesses target other businesses, as with twitter, even facebook. These are places particularly where small and local businesses can and do sell to each other. Having a social media presence also has SEO implications – social media effort can help overall with online presence and, depending upon how keywords and links are used, can aid in your whole business profile.

In addition to the usual and best known social media channels – facebook, twitter, youtube, instagram, pinterest, google+ – there are channels more particualrly of use to businesses – linkedin being the most prominent in the english speaking world, viadeo being rather more french in basis. For even the small business there are very good reasons for having a presence, particularly where you are a b2b business. You can build links, aid in your general online profile and presence, spread your brand message and generally reach potential new business.

Linkedin – The Social Media Platform for B2B Marketing.

Why B2B Marketers Should Use Social Media | MWPartners.

Some channels have disappeared or have declined to an extent making them of no real use overall – myspace, for example, even though it has partially rebranded itself as a place for those involved in music, also orkut, foursquare and so on, vk is probably only of any use to russian speakers and the like.


A beginners guide to Social Media Marketing : Creative Beacon.

7 useful pointers on creating an effective social media marketing campaign.

Which Colors You Should Avoid in Your Ads To Gain Success? | iBrandStudio.

The Do’s and Dont’s of Content Marketing – Infographic.

futurhood av music social media music social media futurhood av 2

Small business tips: how to use social media to boost business | Guardian Small Business Network | Guardian Professional.



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