Case study 2 – small local business

Continuing the case study …

Case study 1 – building or creating – websites for your local business | f4mmedia.

Your business website is the core, sitting beside all of the basic means of contacting you the business – your phone, your email and so on. This online shopfront needs not only to be attractive to you but certainly attractive to those you want to engage with you. It needs to be easily found – thus SEO is important, helping you up the page rankings. It needs to say everything you want to say about the business. Given the fact that attention spans across the board are getting smaller seemingly by the day, it needs to say things quickly. Engage! Attract! Reel them in! A call to action is good for openers – get your prospects to do something, give them a reason to engage with you – a giveaway or something they can take away with them – use the Souvenir Principle!

10 crucial points to check before you launch a website.

This is the basic message to send …

basic business f4mmedia

idea bulb f4mmedia


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