Case study 1 – building or creating – websites for your local business

I was set something of a task recently by an old and close friend. He had been left running a small but local business providing services to other larger businesses in the area by two other close friends who retired. Circumstances beyond his control have meant that the existing contracts that are the life blood of the business are under threat – either to come to an end or be forcefully repriced because of cuts in fees to them. So the question is – rebrand? remarket? relaunch? or what?

My first examination of the whole question was to look at what presence the business has overall. Website! The basic point of contact and point of information for any business is a website. Other forms of content can add to this and reinforce the whole of what the business website – be it print, digital publishing, video, podcast, illustration or other. His basic statement was that he wanted a website that he was happy with and that was away from the norm of the usual, the run of the mill company or corporate websites.

My response –

  • your business website needs to present the basic information of your business quickly and attractively in an easy and accessible way
  • it needs to do the above with the target clients in mind
  • a proper assessment of target businesses being undertaken to assess what and where efforts need to be directed
  • a site that pleases you may not be so attractive to the people you are looking for – this is a b2b situation so think about how they see you, what pressures are there on them timewise, what will draw them in
  • does this need to be a responsive site, do your targets use mobiles as key on the job work tools as they are going about their normal working day
  • does the site draw your targets in suitably, is it punchy enough to lay out the basics of your business to those you are looking to attract
  • is the SEO dealt with

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