Illustration and stock shots – content with difference

brownleaves1geometric nuts b by f4mmedia on deviantART.

The images you use in your business content say so much about you. It is all too easy to go the tried and tested route, not use any imagination, or even use styles and imagery that is hackneyed and dire. Try something new every once in a while. Show your target audience that there is more to you than normally meets their eyes. It is worthwhile sometimes to do something, to use images that tell your story but are a little different.

f4mmedia f4mmedia on deviantART.

brownleaves1abrownleaves1a1DSC02203DSC02233DSC02238DSC02265DSC02266DSC02287DSC02291DSC02297DSC02298DSC02307DSC02308insect leafrope 1rope 1aThe power of illustration or how stock shots are killing your content.

10 Best Sites to Get Free Stock Photos | Web Inspiration Gallery.


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