Typography and Design Trends 2014

local high street f4mmediaWith the rise of flat design in web design things have changed and are gradually moving on in terms of design styles for businesses. There are also gradual changes to flat design itself – nothing stays absolutely the same, things develope and grow.

corporate blueFlat design has brought to the fore a certain simplicity and functionality after all that was skeumorphic before. The stylisation in design terms has moved on above and beyond web design as well. Overall we are seeing a greater use of a simpler palette, more iconic imagery much of the time and a typography which regularly uses fonts with a clear nod towards the handwritten.

100 Free Handwriting Fonts For You To Download.

Handwritten Fonts | UrbanFonts.com.

handwritten fonts


making lettering tall geomIn addition there is more use being made of geometric and abstract textures, backgrounds and ornamentation.

and here a free download

nuts cover f4mmediathe city businessinternational flat

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