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business website design f4mmediaSmall Business Website Design | 5 Web Design Tips for Creating….

New York designer’s surprising new angle on flat design | Webdesigner Depot.

Most small businesses could and would benefit from a website, even if it is just a basic site.

Basic site map:

  • landing page, aka splash and/or index page, the first page you land on needs to fulfill some basic requirements, an introduction to the business as a whole, what do you do, what do you sell, what service do you provide, it should be reasonably quick loading and it should spark some interest in your potential customers/clients, it should be attractive in some way, shape or form
  • about us, here you can give a fuller and better description of what you are about, where you have come from as a business, where you see yourself going, how you can help, what is it that is new or different about you, your selling point, unique or not, singular or just plain good-looking
  • contact, if you have a shop or office where is it, can they phone you, perhaps an e-mail address, how can you contact them – a contact form will allow you to set up a database, a potential customer/client list fuelling further marketing efforts be it via phone, e-mail or post
  • business website f4mmedia 2

If, in addition to all of the above, you give your visitors more content it will help with your site rankings – it is so much better to be well up the list. That content also says a lot more about you – it adds to and deepens your branding efforts.

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