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Small Business Social Media Marketing | Tips to Master Social Media….business quote f4mmediaEvery business, no matter, how small or large, needs to tell its story. You do this via all of what you say about yourself, your business and the way that you do things. You are the content you publish, the channels you use, your media and all that is within them.

Using the right words is one small part of it – having the right imagery alongside it, to point to, to illustrate what you are saying, to give that story a background, a landscape, a setting, is another major step forwards.

It is still the case that for many businesses having some print production is a useful activity.

  • having a business card your prospective client or customer can take away is not only a way they can contact you, it is a reminder, the ‘souvenir principle’ still works, indeed, now more than ever, if that business card continues the design scheme you are generally using then it reinforces all that you are saying about the business, reference points are extremely useful for any business,
  • reference materials provide that, brochures, catalogues all give a prospect something they can pick up when they are wondering about something, you are helping them in your direction
  • many businesses can still make use of flyers or leaflets, delivered to the door, ready to pick up when someone is in the office or shop, they are that in between point, more than a business card, not quite a brochure


5 Things Every Small Business Plan Must Have in 2014 | iBrandStudio. pie business f4mmedia

rising setting.


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