Using music in marketing

Ervin Marketing Creative Communications – The Value of Music in Advertising.

Musical Marketing – a look at how music is used within advertising | The Drum.

Music is much like a palette, where it is used in your marketing activity it forms part of the design scheme. It needs to fit. The right design, the right palette, the right typography, the right musical scheme.

Music has a direct correlation with demographics – what age, what background, where – you don’t or shouldn’t use hip hop to sell to pensioners, kwaito probably won’t catch the ear of people in Alaska.

Music relates directly to mood. What scene is being set? In the same way that you think about the lighting, the backdrop, think about the pace, orchestration and beat of any music used.

The Best Music Marketing of 2013 | Jeremy Wilson.

Beyond Licensing: 10 Brands Innovating With Music | Special: Music and Marketing – Advertising Age.

4 Rules For Making Music Work In Marketing | Co.Create | creativity + culture + commerce.

Silverback DJ – Free listening, videos, concerts, stats and pictures at

f4mmedia on Dropr.

Futurhood Av | Mixcloud.

Take a look and a listen – each piece of music or mix says something different to each and every individual.grammatically correct futurhood av futurhood av plant life futurhood av desert psychedelia 17sunset aromatiq africadep1citybright dancinlie futurhood av music social mediaThe music, the design, the message, all of the content you present needs to fit and to push the message about you and your brand to the right people.

dmDigital marketing and the music industry: six key trends for 2014 | Econsultancy.



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