Making words work – taglines, slogans

taglines – you can attach them almost anywhere – to the business as a whole or to particular campaigns
they act as a banner, or part thereof,

A really great tagline conveys a company’s benefit with personality and attitude and the most memorable taglines connect on an emotional level.

In the 1950s, ad agencies called them “slogans.” You may have heard them referred to as a catchphrase, marketing line, or even trademark line, but these days, the standard term is tagline (or “tag line” written as two words). Despite the terminology, we’re still talking about a short phrase that tells your audience what you offer.

Kimberley Freeman

Your Tagline: The Most Important Ad You’ll Ever Create.

f4mmedia tagline add
something singluar, pointing the way as it were, they enrich, decorate the whole business scene

f4mmedia taglines pointers 2
they add colour, or should do, but as with all such things the palette needs to be kept tidy
you do not want your colours clashing, nor the words, the copy
every statement you make needs to be within the whole stream of your effort
you don’t want a boulder or dam blocking the flow of your work

f4mmedia taglines attach

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f4mmedia taglines speech

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