Music and marketing 2 – design

Bands, venues, labels, producers are brands just like any business. Adding suitable and proper design to the mix is all part of the process. The designs you use for your products – cd’s, promotional materials, flyers, posters, social media content, website elements – help create and supplement the message/s you are putting out. Each element of any design piece says something – your palette, typography, images, style – a part of the statement each and every one.


Designs done for african based mixes, employing a whole range of references.

africadep1 africadep2

Chillstep designs – from science fiction and fantasy to the chilled feel of foliage, late afternoon or early evening.aromatiq12txt3

… and here elements of the distressed, grungesunday912futurhoodav

and then again referencing mists and the exotic …trip design 1 trip design 2 trip design 3 trip design aro

17sunset aromatiq futurhood av bit driven futurhood av desert psychedelia futurhood av oil fed futurhood av plant life grammatically correct futurhood av

Discuss your needs with futurhood av – click the link below

fh logo 3


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