and here a new friend who has a real service

Best Practices: Responsive Web Development | Designs Madness.

Hit The Perfect Chord In Choosing WordPress Themes.

Free For All: Finding That Special Free-One for You |

Tips and tricks About Making Best Web Design Choices | Stunning Mesh.

Every business can do with a little help here and there. We would like to give you that help – nothing fancy, just some honest reductions. We can help almost any business … no selling ice to eskimos, or baseball to Americans …

We can give you that little extra as the New Year approaches and then begins –

  • business video ,creation, it is now well within the reach of the small business
  • digital publishing, e-books and presentations designed and written with craft
  • social media content, from facebook headers to animations, podcasts and graphic design
  • a branding work up, a real brand landscape, images, icons, taglines, brand story threads
  • help with the current website or a completely new one, designed to suit

Take a look at the ‘offers’ page

To add to all of the above here are a few freebies:

free download video backgrounds

indesign template

psd freebies

covers – designs

covers and business cards

textures 1

textures 2


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