video marketing – small and medium sized business – within reach

YouTube to Launch Associated Website Annotations, Allow Off-Site Linking in Your Videos.

Another in the elements series of portfolios – here another video portfolio. The style highlighted here is the new ‘block’ style, made popular by windows 8.

Unifying your design styles for your marketing and branding content is one thing – spreading it across a whole series of different media, all suitably titled to give greater SEO capacity, is the real next step for any business. It is nothing new for businesses of some size, those who can utilise the efforts of a number of people and agencies. Small and medium sized enterprises can and should be doing exactly the same.

Decide upon a style that suits you and your business. We have looked over recent months at a number of different styles – abstract, wood, grunge, geometric and to some extent big photo. We will be looking at more over the coming months and also revisiting each as we are able.

5 Critical Content Marketing Mistakes That You Must Avoid | Social Media Today.

The Google +1 Button Has No “Direct Effect” On Rankings, But… | WebProNews.

Here are some more freely downloadable video backgrounds that may be of some use to you.

video for business

video blogging for businesses

I have paid great attention to the style of video to possibly be used. Obviously there are a lot of other considerations. Time is a major element. The duration of the video you upload is of extreme importance. Rules that I use are as follows:

  • a promo or ad should only be around 45 seconds to 1 minute in length
  • an introduction with promotional overtones can be up to 2 minutes in length but it needs to move along a story or information line
  • the only videos longer than this should be along the lines of webinars which are seriously instructional, this category includes product demonstrations, in-depth reports and presentations

All videos need to be engaging if not entertaining. They need to have an interest quality. There needs to be movement, following a line of story or information provision. General style is one thing – there should be an inclusion of iconic elements – logos, taglines, straplines. All of the lements need to complement and reinforce each other. If elements clash it makes a real mess. Rank amateurism has its charm – the so bad it’s good trick – the grating of parts, one against the other, mismatches, do not have any charm. Preferably you get elements of your videos to echo, point towards or complement and so reinforce other elements of your branding and marketing, thus they become mutually supportive and supporting.

You can do it yourself – or you can call someone else – f4mmedia or else

business video – video whisperer


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