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It is now an easy task to show real uniformity in all of your marketing content – from print to video, not forgetting online content in general.

There are also a raft of current and vibrant ideas for the design and style of any such content. Websites, video and print design have their examples of retro, vintage, minimal, grunge, big photo, distressed and hybrids using elements of watercolour flavours, wood, metal, block colours, palettes ranging from bold uses of colour in geometrics through to subdued and earthy tones, from minimal to floral and vintage.

Throw something distinct into the mix and give your audience something which will not only interest and engage them but leave them with something memorable. Add something of storyline and you have the foundations for real engagement for a long time to come.

Common Misconceptions About Branding – Creative Beacon.

Designers: Identity and Branding » Creative Beacon.

Getting Started With Branding part 1 – Creative Beacon.

Here we have emphasised wood as a texture and background. Homely, minimal, tactile, warm yet subdued. familiar yet different. Use it as a unifying theme throughout your design, print, digital materials, video, your website as well!


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