Online video

Online video is so much easier an option for even small businesses these days. It is no longer just the province of the larger enterprises.

First of all choose the channels you will use. Everyone talks about and thinks of Youtube as the major option. It is not the only one. Indeed given available widgets and tools courtesy of many web hosts embedding video on your own website is relatively common. Beyond this there are other options such as Vimeo which may be more to the taste of certain target audiences.

Your channels will need to be suitable for both the target audiences you have in mind and the sort of video you are likely to make.

YouTube Quietly Launches InVideo Programming: Apply In-Player Branding Across All Your Videos, Instantly.

4 Tips for Optimizing Your Online Video Advertising Campaigns.

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As with any form of marketing or promotion there right ways and wrong ways. As with the recent comment on taglines – the wrong tagline will do you no service in business terms, similarly the wrong video, a poor video, something amateurish, badly shot or constructed, edited and so on may gain a few youtube hits for the laughs but won’t necessarily sell anything for you.

Do it right – if you do it yourself get someone else outside of your circle to check it and give you feedback. But then you could just get a professional organization to do it for you – perhaps even us!


Free elements – youtube – design – audio-visual art projects

youtube – gutter mathematics

We are looking at new projects everyday. As you will have seen from earlier posts there are a number of things being worked on – the e-book projects – ‘moments from a partially medicated life vol2’, ‘pastoral discards’, ‘paper – burnt, stained, torn’, ‘portraits of my friends as leaves’ – as well as the audio-visual art projects – yellowblur and arthouse.
The latter two have the added option for audio producers of being open to submissions from others. Add your music to the base video and then we add screen in screen extras to make more of the whole.
Please use any of the abstract backgrounds for your projects – it’s what they are there for …

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Branding, video and content creation

background 1

background 2

Video is increasingly becoming the done thing for any business. It has come to be easily in reach of even the smallest and most local of businesses. Certainly in Sheffield and South Yorkshire, courtesy of f4mmedia, video creation as a promotional, marketing and branding tool it is easy. As the say in the movies – ‘I’m cheap, ask any woman I know!’

All jokes aside … we can help with almost any sort of video you might need. Doing expensive shoots in exotic places might be a little out of our reach but we could be persuaded.

For those of you who wish to do a lot of this on your own, we will be creating a series of after effects templates.

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Recent Google Changes Video Creators Should Note | WebProNews.

Content creation – content marketing

Content marketing – wikipedia

Content marketing is an umbrella term encompassing all marketing formats that involve the creation and sharing of content in order to attract, acquire and engage clearly defined and understood current and potential consumer bases with the objective of driving profitable customer action. Content marketing subscribes to the notion that delivering information to prospects and customers drives profitable consumer action. Content marketing has benefits in terms of retaining reader attention and improving brand loyalty.[1]

The idea of sharing content as a means of persuading decision-making has driven content marketers to make their once-proprietary informational assets available to selected audiences. Alternatively, many content marketers choose to create new information and share it via any and all media. Content marketing products frequently take the form of custom magazines, print or online newsletters, digital content, websites or microsites, white papers, webcasts/webinars, podcasts, video portals or series, in-person roadshows, roundtables, interactive online, email, events. The purpose of this information is to inform target customers and prospects about key industry issues, sometimes involving the marketer’s products. The motivation behind content marketing is the belief that educating the customer results in the brand’s recognition.

Marketers may use content marketing as a means of achieving a variety of business goals. These may include: thought leadership, lead generation, increasing direct sales, introducing specific brand language and improving customer retention. The term “content engineer” is being used to describe a new breed of marketer who creates, optimizes, and distributes the different types of content required to engage customers on the social web, based on the data of many analysis tools.

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The happy accidents of a project

Projects sometimes have that undeniable joy of allowing the creation of extra content – one idea leads to another. From an initial vision you wonder I wonder what this will look like and other things suddenly appear.



These are all stills taken from abstract anf geometric backgrounds for a future piece of work. Added are extra bits and pieces – stills from some time ago of my daughter, as well as archival stills, all added to create a new flavour.

youtube playlists – futurhood av – and a few other bits and pieces

music videos

audio-visual art

for resources – video backgrounds and so on


New sense – the escape, something new and a very small pile of t-shirts

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Hi, we are NewSense. A crew of educated bums that formed, congregated then loitered in 2004 under the name of E.Y.P. Performing many shows around Sheffield including the crucible and the world stage, Tramlines 2010. After a year long break from music and much self help material we are back with a brand new sound and subtle schizoid tendencies. (Hi mummy) After a night out sampling the finest, most flavoursome Stilton and bre’ to be found in sheffield. We created our new single. “Something New.” (Enjoi!)

our material will be appearing here



A chance message on facebook … a few days of imagination … a few stock pieces of design, video backgrounds, motion graphics, a couple of pieces of lipsynch filming and behold. The tune is right up my street – half of the family is Jamaican, spending formative years in Pitsmoor added, the tastes for steppers, dancehall, hip hop, dubstep and the like are somewhat natural.

psyman on facebook

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futurhood av on youtube

Here you can find a whole lot more – music videos, av art, video backgrounds and resources – from hip hop, to house, to dubstep and more.

moments 1

moments 2



constant creation – streetlights