Arthouse and mathematics – audio-visual art, music videos and more

Here are a couple of excerpts from a recent audio-visual art project – heftily weighted onto the music video side of things. The project as a whole will ultimately involve a series of pieces, some having remixes done by friends or those who have been invited.

The visuals are creations of quantize of futurhood av, the audio are arrangements created by silverback dj.

Futurhood av as a whole does a whole range of work within the entertainment field. Not only do they look to create audio-visual art pieces, they are currently looking at setting up a series of events to showcase the forthcoming, or current, pieces –

  • ‘moments from a partially medicated life’, accompanying the e-book
  • arthouse, along with a series of its variations and remixes
  • yellow blur, with the ‘opposites distract’ variation
  • pastoral discards, the av work
  • sepia
  • fragile life

Outside of this we still DJ and VJ for events.


Here you can find a few f the silverback dj sets.


Here you can find the music videos, VJ resources and av art.


showreel 2

Here you can find a couple of the very old showreels.

… and some of the materials from the crypt …




Every once in a while you need a doodle to while away the smiles and chuckles.

Above and beyond all of this you will find a whole range of current materials in the freebie section of this site.

We have also done work for others – circuses, burlesque performers, as well as creating a variety of music videos – psychobilly, hip hop, dubstep, electro, house, minimal and more. We have supported or worked with club nights and events, as performers and helping with promotion – Spannered, Subtitle, Feedback, Colours Heard, Aromatiq, +Plus, Colin the Alien, Lunar Acoustics, Fish for Missiles.

Get in touch if we can help – website.

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