Pastoral discards – work in progress – audio-visual art and illustration

Here are some pieces taken from a work in progress. It is entitled ‘pastoral discards’. From odd bits and pieces found on the floor of my bingalow I started to construct a scene or two. From there a train of thought casting me back to my childhood in Tile Hill, Coventry, led me to think of some text to accompany the whole av art piece.
The whole work has gone through so many mutations. It has grown, developed, particularly given new found materials. These have ranged from dried lettuce leaves from my window sill to a scrap of torn wallpaper found on my floor.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The full audio-visual work will be available soon. I have not yet decided whether to just release a piece or two for free download via youtube, or just to make the complete work available via the webstore, as in for sale.


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