New video backgrounds

new video background 1
new video background 2

The full set of these video backgrounds will be made avilable very soon via the webstore

f4mmedia webstore

We are also looking at the creation of after effects projects for use in business and more. Some of these will incorporate some of the backgrounds currently for sale and variations on those you have seen for free download.

It is now so much easier to add video as an element of your branding, promotion and marketing. We hope we can help with some of the resources we have posted over the past months. Of course, if you would like any further help just get in touch –


we are more than happy to talk about your needs and your projects.

Given recent changes in such things as Google algorhythms having varied, relevant and good quality content is ever more important. Good design is a must. Print is not quite dead but its relevance has changed somewhat, being quite a supplement to your main efforts in marketing and branding. E-book creation and sharing them online is extremely useful for many businesses. Video is in another category. There are many easy ways to get your videos online – youtube is merely the best known. They can sometimes be easily embedded on your website.

We hope you enjoy. Download away.

f4mmedia – consistently generating ideas

– all materials handcrafted, digitally

– the cornershop of content creation.


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