Content is king – but only well packaged

Content has come much more to the fore in recent months courtesy of google updates. relevance and quality have stamped all over black hat SEO. It is now important for your online presence to have suitable and good quality content as well as proper use of keywords and phrases. The phrase ‘content is king’ has been with us for a while now. In previous articles on the process of branding I have mentioned the process of creating a brand landscape – this is precisely the first step in the preparatory work in the creation of content.

the content box

But if that content is not delivered in a suitable way then it becomes meaningless, it falls short of its targets. To use a couple of metaphors – you can’t deliver milk in a paper bag – and it is very difficult to fire arrows underwater.
You need to present your brand and conduct your marketing in a way that is fit for purpose and ultimately suitable for your prospective audiences. In another article I will go into the areas of the branding process relating to the creation of icons – logos and taglines etc. – but suffice it to say, these all need to agree with each other. Your logo, your taglines, mottos, palette, basic imagery, basic content, the channels you use, as well as how it is all designed or decorated – all of these need to be within a coherent stream.
your content needs to be in the right place, at the right time, looking and sounding like good examples of you and relevant to the people you are trying to reach.

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The styles and forms you use can be tailored to any business and their target audiences. These may change over the years – you only have to look through the history of graphic and product design to see how things move on. The illustrations above show just a few bits and pieces of design.



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