Branding and brand management – 2

setting the scene

Following on from our previous post on the matter of branding … From initial conceptual work, having established the basic concepts, keywords and phrases the beginnings of a brand landscape can be generated. This gives a launch pad for creating the scenes and settings for your marketing efforts. It gives a language or phraseology for it all. From here it will be an easier task to create the icons which will be the key components of your ongoing efforts, those icons being logo and relevant symbols, as well as tagline, any motto or motifs, graphic or verbal.

texture and moreHaving a clear idea of everything that will contribute towards these initial stages of branding and brand management will make it easier when you come to a full plan for your brand management. It is here that your initial decisions should be made concerning the basics, the iconic elements of your brand. This should include your font and typography style, the symbology of your logo, its design, the palette to be used in each element. Colour and form need to combine to grab the attention of your targets. Set the scene properly and these decisions will be easier and potentially longer lasting.

brand management
The process of maintaining, improving, and upholding a brand so that the name is associated with positive results. Brand management involves a number of important aspects such as cost, customer satisfaction, in-store presentation, and competition. Brand management is built on a marketing foundation, but focuses directly on the brand and how that brand can remain favorable to customers. Proper brand management can result in higher sales of not only one product, but on other products associated with that brand
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