branding and small business 1

Your first – task take a breath
Branding for a small business is a process, it is for all businesses. Not bothering is a mistake – you may do business but it could be so much more settled and secure. Doing everything in a rush could leave you with an image and so a brand that is tarnished, inaccurate and unhelpful. The time successfully spent in the process of conceptualizing can mean ten times less spent repairing problems, tidying up the mess.
So! Ask the basic questions and record it all. Worksheets, pin-boards, whatever, can aid in the whole process. The questions – what do you do, what do you provide, what do you sell, what do you make, what do you offer? Who do you want to sell to, who are you likely to sell to, who are your targets? The aim is to connect the first with the second, making each as large as possible. You will hope that each will grow steadily and evenly. Your marketing and branding as the background to your marketing are part of the whole process.

Find someone to talk to

Other people help. There is an old adage – good ideas don’t care who have them. Having someone repeat back what is presented in their own terms has its uses. Talk to a variety of different people – friends, family, all sorts. Add your pin-boards or worksheets to the whole process.

message and business

one of the best things you can do is talk

A major part of this initial process is to create those all important keywords and key phrases. They will be important to you both in terms of any online presence, search engines categorize your adverts and websites via the associated keywords, metadata and so on attached. They can and will also contribute, in a wider sense, towards the generation of the various messages you will use in campaigns. Out of keywords and key phrases you may be able to create your tagline, the mottoes or messages associated with your brand and instances of marketing carried out.

Check out the e-book on slideshare – distinctively made.

This series will continue …


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