Pt 6 the true beginninings

From these initial efforts it was possible to begin in earnest the tasks of engaging with potential clients and building a real industry presence. This was to be done with the careful employment of varied content. With the changes in algorithms and SEO necessary practices all possible channels and forms of content were to be explored. Traditional marketing media were obviously out of the window. This had to be a multi-channel and multi-media approach.

Traditional media may still have its place in certain circumstances but not here. Being clearly a situation of looking to create an engagement with professionals and businesses within a media oriented industry there was a need to obey one of the basic rules of any business venture – ‘be a good example of yourself’.

Media across a variety of channels had to be the order of this day and every other day. Thus, we had to have good design, a good website presence, a series of examples of media use showing commitment and depth of professional background.


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