Pt.5 It ain’t finished until … well in the opera it is so!

All of the efforts were to be based around the basic marketing principle of AIDA – attention, interest, desire, action. The idea, as always was to grab attention, spark interest, create a desire – a demand, and then call to action – create action. It was obvious, though, that there were other things required – a generation of depth – thus, there was a need for credibility or reputation management. Giving the company not only a desirable online presence, something engaging, also required was a history and solidity. Although quality was there, abilities, professionalism, background within the industry, it was needed to have all of this not only available but demonstrated. Part of the task in marketing is to show how you are a good example of yourself. So, the process was going to be tease, background creation of depth, illustration of professionalism, then launch, clarification of services and product, set against a depth and history. Thus, a four dimensional presence is formed.


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