Pt.4 Not a sprint, a decathlon with a marathon thrown in

From the acquisition of not only the basic business information but a wider sense of what each company was and how they could gel together, it was more of a pleasure to go on to set imagination to work. In a previous entry I said that it was obvious that a basic social media package was not all that was needed – this became even more obvious as the foundations of Triple One as a company developed. As with most businesses it is not static. Things move on, they develop, hopefully for the better. With the announcement of new strands to the business idea and the news that the website was to be totally overhauled and redesigned, new ideas and possibilities came to mind.

Every once in a while it is nice to run a tease. Thus, the first few ideas began to take shape. I knew that given the fact that the business was quite new, not only was it new as an operation, the owner had just moved from one continent to another and had set up a firm in his chosen and preferred field, his area of expertise. The hurdles were not simple, these were going to be on the level of the Grand National, Beecher’s Brook, and the like. But a tease would be useful, allowing the gradual development of a whole series of areas of content which would fulfil the basics – depth of service, reputation, credibility, professionalism, solidity, imagination and all of the rest.

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